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Hi! I’m Annie

I’m a powerhouse success catalyst who will inspire, empower and equip you to achieve your big hairy audacious goals. My raw energy, authentic storytelling, and visionary thinking make me a force to be reckoned with and the great thing is, I’m 100% organic.
As Founder and CEO of Women’s Biz Global, I dedicate my life to empowering women to build unstoppable global brands that attract unlimited success. With over 20 years of executive experience, I use my knowledge, skill, and expertise to provide the necessary tools, resources, and inspiration women need to overcome feeling stuck, stressed, and overwhelmed in their circumstances.
You can catch me on my weekly TV show that streams live in 91 countries or listen to my popular podcast, Memoirs of Successful Women. If you prefer to get social and connect, you can reach out and connect at the click of a button.
It’s no surprise that as a trailblazing influencer, I am also a multi-award winning, #1 Best Selling Author, publisher of both magazines and books, MC, and international keynote speaker. As a mum of 5 including 2 sets of twins, I pride myself on offering the complete package for women so they can save their time, money, and energy for the things that matter.
If you need help overcoming limiting beliefs, clarifying your purpose, and implementing strong business practices to grow and succeed, I’m your woman. Whether through one-on-one coaching, workshops, or speaking engagements, I’m committed to challenging women’s mindsets and unlocking their full potential.
If you think that might be you, let’s chat!
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I signed up for Annie’s program with the intention of getting my side hustle off the ground and making money by the end of the program. Within 2 months of starting the program, I had quit my day job to focus all my energy and intention on making it my full time gig ASAP.


Annie is absolutely incredible. Her passion, determination, positive attitude and enthusiasm are rarely encountered in business. She truly cares about her clients' work. Not only does she provide massive value through strategic insights, but she is so focused on making a positive difference and helping women globally create their own magic. read more


Annie Gibbins always amazes me with her business insight and original problem-solving techniques. Strong, skilled and accountable CEO of women's biz global, Annie Gibbins is dedicated, self-motivated, methodical, and very capable. Annie has a very positive attitude towards work and will find a way to weather any storm with a smile. read more

International Broadcaster

Annie Gibbins is a force of nature. She brings dynamic realness to life and energized life to business. It is rare, indeed, to encounter a woman with it all - heart, intelligence, kindness, humor, creativity, vibrancies, power, ingenuity, deep goodness and commitment to community. read more

Leezá Carlone Steindorf
Executive Coach on Forbes Coaches Council

Annie is nothing short of a true inspiration to all of those she works with. She is diligent, driven and willing to listen. I have worked with Annie in her capacity as a CEO and seen the impact she has made on organizations, she takes on advice, drills into a business’s needs, and, applies the required rigor to create success. Annie also does this in her coaching and I would strongly recommend working with her and look forward to the opportunity in doing so in the future. read more

Kristof Kazmer
Technology Strategist

Annie Gibbins is a game-changing, revenue-building, performance-boosting change expert, and a top leadership development coach, highly respected authority on the growing and building businesses through empowered leadership. read more

Linda Fisk
CEO of LeadHERship Global

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Annie through the American Women's Power Conference where we both spoke at. She spoke with such conviction and passion about her work to empower women that I had to know more. As a speaker, I highly recommend Annie as she can connect with an audience with clarity and purpose. read more

Sarah Blake
Conflict Strategist & Mediator

Annie is an internationally renowned CEO, speaker, entrepreneur, podcast host, author, and heart warrior. She recently presented at the Lady Americas Power Global leadership conference, where she spoke about women's empowerment. read more

Hazel Herrington
Hazel Herrington Global Chamber of Business Leaders Advisor

I had the pleasure of sharing the virtual platform with Annie at lady America’s Power Global Event. She is absolutely amazing. Her commitment to helping women around the world is extends far beyond the status quo. She is phenomenal! I had the pleasure of sharing the virtual platform with Annie at lady America’s Power Global Event. read more

Monica Robinson Groover

Annie is such a phenomenal woman and trailblazer who brings an incredible level of strength, influence, and power to any interview! It is evident that she loves her work, respects her field, and appreciates her clients and their Journey! read more

Michele Wright, Ph.D., M.S. Eng., B.S. Eng. p
USA TODAY 2022 Woman of the Year

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